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Welcome to Zoncare, My African Friends

Good quality 3 Channel ECG Machine for sales
Good quality 3 Channel ECG Machine for sales
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Welcome to Zoncare, My African Friends

Welcome to Zoncare, My African Friends

  On July 1st, Zoncare sincerely met a special African team who came from Africa to visit Zoncare


  The guests are from Ethiopia, Mali, Guinea,Benin, Niger and so on. It was their first time to visit Wuhan. After watching Wuhan introduction video, they spoke highly of Wuhan city.

  The tender budget chief director Mr YAREDYIEGEZU ZEGIOGIS from Ethiopia Food, Beverage& Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute said, “Zoncare must be a full creative spirit enterprise”. Before he knew Zoncare products, he was already full of expectation.

  After introduction of Zoncare high-end level iMAC ECG machines, the guests thought highly of the advanced technologies and amazing design of iMAC ECG.

  Zoncare Q series high-end Color Doppler plays an important role in global market. Mr YAREDYIEGEZU ZEGIORGIS said, “ I have acknowledge about EPI and SSC before. During this     visiting, I am very surprised by the superior image quality."

  Although the visiting time was very limited, but all the guests said they were very happy with Zoncare acceptation, because they found a company which had full creative spirit and they also found the superior products for their demand.

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